Pumpkins For Your Wedding

Mini Pumpkins are a popular choice for fall weddings and receptions by many brides! Mini pumpkins can be used in centerpieces, table settings, name card holders, and even by the caterers as serving dishes! Pumpkins from Autumn Harvest arrive washed and clean, ready for decorating and are carefully packaged. Pumpkin orders are shipped via ground delivery. When ordering, choose the date that you would like the pumpkins to arrive. We will do the rest.

At Autumn Harvest we offer various quantities perfect for any wedding large or small. Please check product availability on the right and be sure to check out our centerpiece white mini pumpkin, and our orange mini variety which are very popular for weddings and receptions.


Wedding Planning

If you have been tasked with planning a fall themed wedding, creativity is a must in making it amazing. Autumn Harvest offers pumpkins that give that one of a kind look. Our table top pumpkins are perfect stand alone decorations on check in tables, dinner table settings, and even on the ground to create a fall atmosphere. If you are creating a one of a kind centerpiece, our centerpiece white and orange pumpkins are perfect sized. Our centerpiece pumpkins arrive with stems and are washed and cleaned before arrival, they can be glued, stuck with toothpicks, or attached to centerpieces in a variety of ways. Perhaps you want a traditional pumpkin look without the size, our mini round is your pumpkin! Mini Rounds can be used in a variety of ways, painted and placed on tables or hollowed out and served soup from them, these pumpkins offer a traditional look without the size.

As with all of our pumpkin orders, ship date can be selected at the time of ordering to provide plenty of time for product to arrive for alterations or decoration. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us via this website.

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