Group Orders

Do you have a large group that you are buying for? If you need a couple hundred mini pumpkins just go ahead and put multiple boxes into your cart.

  • The first “quantity” break starts at 1200 pumpkins.
  • You can order today and schedule your ship date on check out.
  • Email us for further information

Schools & School Districts

At Autumn Harvest Pumpkins we have shipped many large quantity orders over the years. Our shipping department can accommodate large orders expertly and our billing department is happy to produce purchase orders and business verification documents upon request. Pumpkin orders are shipped ground shipping via UPS and will arrive in 5-7 days. We also offer delivery date selection for large quantity orders. Whether you are ordering for one classroom, one school or an entire school district, we have shipped that same quantity before, maybe even that exact school!

Restaurants & Caterers

We have shipped our pumpkins all around the country to some of the finest dining establishments that can be found. Restaurants and Catering companies have used our pumpkins as decorations of course but also in food presentation as serving bowls. Our pumpkins come pre washed with stems and are ready to be cut, cleaned out, and even cooked for your needs.

Pumpkins begin shipping early September and are shipped via ground shipping. Ship dates can be selected at the time of ordering to ensure delivery before they are needed. You can shop and order year round by clicking the button below.