Fall Decorations

Event Planners

Pumpkins can, and often should, be the main piece of decoration you use to create a fall theme. Pumpkins can be used in centerpieces, as placeholders, as part of a main display, or even stand alone. The harvest time nostalgia that a pumpkin evokes makes them very versatile at this time of year. Whether it’s a party, a huge event, or a private catered dinner, pumpkins can create that autumn look you’re looking for, and nobody does pumpkins like Autumn Harvest Pumpkins. Our pumpkins are of the highest quality, and the quantity is never a problem. We can fill orders of nearly any size, and it can all be done right here online!

  • Mini Round

  • Table Top Minis

  • White Mini Pumpkin

  • Kids Choice


For the Bride

We at Autumn Harvest have been able to supply many brides to be with great pumpkin decorations. We provide you with the beautiful mini pumpkins that give your venue, table decorations and photos that wonderful fall feel! Take a look at our options. We offer a delivery date selection so you can just select your date before your wedding and forget about the pumpkins coming!