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In the beginning....
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Online Store....shop now!Today, Autumn Harvest offers an assortment of decorative waxed and natural pumpkin & gourd varieties in full boxes, bagged or bulk. We also grow a full line of winter squash and Indian Corn.

Autumn Harvest, founded in 2000 by Dylan and Darren Wells, have farming in their blood, growing up in a farming family, very involved in the nursery industry in Oregon. Their father, past president of Oregon Association of Nurserymen always instilled in them, if you have a good idea, work hard, produce the bestIn the beginning........ possible product, the orders will follow.

Well...... seems dad was right! Autumn Harvest now markets quality gourds, pumpkins, winter squash and Indian Corn to major chain stores as well as exporting internationally.

An inspiration of two young boys, Autumn Harvest has grown to be the largest mini pumpkin and gourd grower in Oregon. It has shipped product internationally to Mexico and Japan. It also supplies major grocery store chains in Oregon, Washington & Alaska.

And they are just getting started..........But don't take our word for it, check around, pretty much everywhere you look, you will see that familiar Autumn Harvest logo. If you are looking for quality gourds and pumpkins....look no further!
Please contact us for more information about our fall products.
Product available from September - November only