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    Table Top Minis

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    Table Top Mini pumpkins have deep ribbing and vibrant orange coloring. They average 3-4″ in diameter with 1/4″ stems. They are commonly used in fall arrangements and also as party favors. These orange mini pumpkins are a must have for your decorating needs. Available in 20, 50 and 100 count packages.
  • Mini Round

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    Mini Round pumpkins are hands down the favorite  for painting faces on.  They are the perfect size for a classroom project.  Having a very hard shell makes them easy for kids to handle.  This pumpkin is not carvable.  average size is 3-5" diameter. Expedited shipping is available for additional cost. Available in 9 ct and 55 count
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  • Kids Choice

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    The Kid’s Choice pumpkin is all in the name! They are great for school events, little pumpkin patches, tabletop decorations and are even good for pumpkin pie! The Kid’s choice pumpkin is a small carving pumpkin a little smaller than a volleyball. 6-8″ in diameter and weighing in at 4-5 pounds.


    Available in 4 count and  8 count boxes only, due to larger size and weight of the package.

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